Cäcilia Gätsch

"Drive energy transition, pronto!" – This is the motto of our regulatory expert Cäcilia Gätsch, who joined our team in April 2021. Before joining cruh21, Cäcilia Gätsch drafted policy position papers for the AquaVentus Initiative and also headed the Regulatory Affairs Working Group there. For Cäcilia Gätsch, who is doing her doctorate on green hydrogen, two things are clear: First, there will be no climate change without green hydrogen and its derivatives. Second, if this key role is to be fulfilled, a supportive legal framework is needed – not in 20 years, but soon.

Within the framework of the three major hydrogen flagship projects TransHyDE, H2Mare and H2Giga, she now heads the regulatory department, which deals with the legal framework for a future hydrogen economy in Germany. In parallel, she is writing her doctoral thesis at the Sustainability and Climate Policy Research Centre and has also been involved in numerous publications.

Main focus

  • Hydrogen regulation on the German and European level
  • German and European energy law  
  • German and European climate protection law


Cäcilia Gätsch
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