TransHyDE – Mukran - FKZ: 03HY206F

To advance Germany on the path to climate neutrality, several hundred million tons of hydrogen are needed annually. Therefore, transport infrastructures for short, medium and long distances are urgently needed. This is precisely where the TransHyDE project comes in: The lead project will comprehensively develop transport and storage technologies - and do so in a technology-open manner along the four value chains of gaseous hydrogen (H2), liquid hydrogen (LH2), green ammonia (NH3) and LOHC ("Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers").

Research project Mukran

Successful operation of a hydrogen value chain from H2 generation to innovative pressurized storage and transport to use at different locations

Enable economic supply of green hydrogen through technical development

cruh21 services

Interface communication and knowledge management between the lead projects, the AquaVentus initiative and other industry-driven projects

Establishment of a knowledge database

Project overview

Full project title:
Helgoland implementation project

Client and duration:
Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), 31.03.2021 - 30.09.2026

Port Mukran, Gas and Heat Institute Essen (GWI), Hamburg Port and Logistics (HHLA).

Contributing Consultants:
Dr. Stefan Wahlefeld, Verena Hertzsch, Sebastian Föllner, Cäcilia Gätsch