TransHyDE – Helgoland - FKZ: 03HY208H

The Helgoland project is researching a transport chain based on the LOHC benzyltoluene between Helgoland and the port of Hamburg. The German island is considered as the site of hydrogen storage (hydrogenation) and the destination port of Hamburg as the site of hydrogen release (dehydrogenation). The researchers are also investigating how the waste heat from the hydrogenation process could be used to supply heat to the island. Material and safety aspects during transport as well as questions of classification and standardisation also play an important role in the partners' work. The goal is to create a blueprint that will enable the establishment of a LOHC-based hydrogen transport chain at comparable locations worldwide.

cruh21 services

Knowledge management and interface communication

Development and establishment of a digital knowledge platform

Support in the implementation of the project concept and the expansion of the value chain

Initiation of a feasibility study for a LOHC-powered cargo ship

Project overview

Full project title:
TransHyDe Helgoland - FKZ: 03HY208H

Client and Duration:

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)

01.04.2021 - 31.03.2025

Tewis Projektmanagement GmbH, Hydrogenious, Hanse Werk, Hamburg Port and Logistics (HHLA), Versorgungsbetriebe Helgoland (VHB), Municipality of Helgoland.

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