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cruh21 is a strategic project consultancy with a focus on green hydrogen, sector coupling and offshore hydrogen. We support our clients in making their projects fit for the future in the rapidly changing energy industry.

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MOHN Workshop: Norway as a Pioneer in Offshore Hydrogen Production

The MOHN project's workshop brought together key stakeholders and experts to discuss the opportunities and challenges of offshore hydrogen production.


Approaches for a Hydrogen Acceleration Act

Green hydrogen is a key element for the decarbonisation of the energy sector. To meet the demand, imports of green hydrogen and its derivatives are necessary. A hydrogen acceleration law should support the development of the necessary import infrastructure.


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Press Release: Mobile Hydrogen Spherical Storage in TransHyDE

In the TransHyDE project Mukran, six partner institutions from industry and academia are developing new hydrogen spherical storage solutions. The project is part of the Hydrogen Flagship Projects funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).


cruh21 at E-world 2023

cruh21 - Established, Committed and Pioneers in the Hydrogen Industry.


2nd National Hydrogen Economic Forum in Hamburg was "a bit like a family reunion"

The exciting developments and findings of the 2nd National Hydrogen Business Forum.


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„At cruh, we work on the issues of tomorrow. Our actions have an impact and social relevance. Together as a team and with our network, we are shaping the future of the energy transition.“

Jimmie Langham, Geschäftsführer