Hydrogen & Sector Coupling: Energy Transition 2.0

The energy system of today and tomorrow is becoming increasingly complex. This also increases the demands on market participants. Green hydrogen has a key role to play in replacing fossil fuels via power-to-X processes. We provide orientation and develop holistic concepts for energy self-sufficiency and make your projects fit for tomorrow's energy economy.

Do you want to be ready for tomorrow's energy system and play an active role in shaping it? We know the challenges, create opportunities, and enable innovations. To achieve climate neutrality, renewable energy must be used in all sectors. This can only be achieved through sector coupling with the aid of power-to-x (PtX) systems. Via the key technologies power-to-gas and power-to-liquid, green hydrogen can also be used in sectors that cannot be directly electrified.

In this context, requirements increased in all areas along the entire hydrogen value chain. Starting with generation, transport, and storage, which require a solid infrastructure, up to regulation and load management in the electricity market.

Holistic concepts for a sustainable energy system.
We know where generation and application potentials lie and how infrastructure solutions can be wisely matched. We know the economic framework and regulatory hurdles. We identify obstacles and point out opportunities. We develop holistic concepts for a sustainable energy system for our customers. In addition, we identify funding opportunities for your project and support you in the application process.

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