Freelance Public Affairs Consultant

Urs Wahl

Urs Wahl was brought into the team as a freelancer by founder and managing director Jimmie Langham in autumn 2020 to help set up the AquaVentus coordination office at the time and to take on the press work and representation of interests for the initiative. This makes Urs one of the staff members from the very beginning.
At cruh21, Urs is involved in projects that require political advocacy and a good network within the Berlin hydrogen and offshore wind scene.

Main focus

  • Public Affairs
  • Representation, networking and stakeholder management
  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Event moderation and presentations
  • Committee organisation
  • Event organisation


Urs Wahl
cruh21 GmbH
Mob: +49 1713 2344 78