Meryem Maghrebi

Meryem Maghrebi joined cruh21 in October 2021. As a consultant in the field of hydrogen and wind technologies, she supports clients in strategic decision making and relies on analytical methods. Since September 2022, she has been working in the BMBF-funded project MOHN (Masterplan Offshore Hydrogen North Sea) as a project engineer and stakeholder manager. For the project Masterplan Wasserstoff Stadt Cuxhaven she works as a project engineer and deals with the topics hydrogen refueling station and market analysis.

Immediately before joining cruh21, the industrial engineer developed a business case for TÜV Süd for the safety and performance acceptance of hydrogen refueling stations in Germany.

Main focus

  • Hydrogen supply and refueling, hydrogen transport (CGH2, LH2), hydrogen and hydrogen carriers as fuels
  • Hydrogen production technologies, business case
  • Offshore wind technologies
  • GIS map preparation
  • Analysis of technical norms and standards
  • Stakeholder management


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