Managing Director

Jimmie Langham

Jimmie Langham founded the consultancy cruh21 in mid-2021.

The former table tennis league coach studied architecture and urban planning in Karlsruhe, Hamburg and London. After his studies, he worked for several years as a freelance project manager for various planning offices.

For the last 15 years he has been working as a consultant in the energy industry. In 2012, he moved into offshore wind project development, where he co-founded the AquaVentus 2020 initiative as part of his consultancy work for RWE Renewables.

As initiator and managing director of AquaVentus, he led the coordination office that became the consulting firm cruh21 in 2021. For cruh21, Jimmie Langham has successfully prepared many concepts, reports and funding applications in the offshore and hydrogen sectors. As one of the overall coordinators of the TransHyDE hydrogen lead project, Jimmie Langham also works at the interface between ministries, licensing authorities and hydrogen practitioners, moderating challenging processes.

Main focus

  • Advising clients from the energy industry and investors on the development and evaluation of strategies and business models
  • Project development for offshore wind and offshore hydrogen generation
  • Project management for consulting and research projects on hydrogen production, transport and infrastructure


Jimmie Langham
cruh21 GmbH
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