Junior Consultant

Verena Hertzsch

Verena Hertzsch has been working at cruh21 since March 2021.  Initially, she was a working student and three months later, upon completion of her Master's degree in Marine and Ocean Engineering, she was hired as a Junior Consultant. She is a project engineer in the TransHyDE Helgoland, TransHyDE Mukran and TransferWind consortia in the TransHyDE and H2Mare hydrogen lead projects funded by the BMBF. There she is responsible for knowledge transfer between the projects. She also has an eye on knowledge management in the cruh21 team. Since September 2022, she has been supporting the Rügen-Stralsund region as a project engineer in the development of a regional hydrogen concept.

Main focus

  • Application of hydrogen and its derivatives in the maritime sector
  • Floating Offshore Wind
  • Marine Renewable Energy


Verena Hertzsch
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