Senior Consultant

Sebastian Föllner

Sebastian Föllner joined cruh21 in April 2021. As a mechanical engineer, aerodynamicist and software developer, Sebastian has in-depth technical knowledge of energy conversion processes with a special focus on thermodynamics, data evaluation and technical mathematics. Especially due to his work as a key account manager at AquaVentus, he is able to link the most diverse aspects of large-scale projects, be they technical, economic or regulatory in nature, within the framework of project management.

Furthermore, Sebastian has extensive knowledge in the processing of funding projects and its handling, among others through the processing of the hydrogen lead projects TransHyDE and H2Mare as well as through the project management in a BMWi funded research project at the University of Duisburg-Essen and at Siemens Energy. His dissertation is currently in the doctoral process. Currently Sebastian is active in the project HyExpert-Hydrogen Region Rügen-Stralsund as project leader.

Main focus

  • Project consulting
  • Project management
  • Analysis of energy conversion processes
  • Software development
  • Knowledge management


Sebastian Föllner
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