AquaVentus Coordination Office

AquaVentus is the alliance of 90 organizations, research institutes as well as internationally leading companies that promote the production of green hydrogen on the high seas. The initiative comprises many subprojects that cover the value chain of Green H2 in a coordinated manner: The development of offshore wind turbines with integrated hydrogen production (AquaPrimus), a large-scale offshore hydrogen park (AquaSector), a central offtake pipeline (AquaDuctus), port and transport infrastructures (AquaPortus), and a research platform (AquaCampus).

The overarching goal of AquaVentus is to install 10 GW of green hydrogen generation capacity from offshore wind energy in the North Sea by 2035 and to establish an associated transport infrastructure.

cruh21 services


Regulatory affairs, press and public relations

Member service & stakeholder management

Technical interface management and overall coordination

Application for funding

Preparation of position papers and studies

Project overview

Complete project title:
Establishment of the AquaVentus office

Client and duration:
AquaVentus Förderverein e.V. , 2020-2022

Contributing Consultants:
Jimmie Langhang, Dr. Christine Partmann, Benita Stalmann, Cäcilia Gätsch, Verena Hertzsch, Sebastian Föllner, Artur Flaum